Shopping Centre

Shopping District

Creating a positive vibe within a shopping centre will benefit both the centre and the shops that occupy the space.

As the landlord, providing a positive shopping ambience will benefit both the centre and the occupants by driving traffic into the centre and essentially into the stores. 

A shopping centre thrives on its renters, therefore by helping drive sales into stores, shopping centres will continuously remain filled without empty stores waiting for new occupants.

With our services, as a shopping centre owner, you’ll be able to provide the right atmosphere to visitors as well as provide promotions to stores throughout the centre and essentially create another avenue of revenue.

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Shopping Centre Music

Direct Radio believes music and Shopping Centre cannot be separated as they have a relationship with each other. We can see it in every shopping mall across the Nation and Overseas – they all play music. Surveys have proven that background music can influence consumer behaviour.

We believe shopping centres are the ‘Village Square’ of the modern age – a place to connect with friends and family and to feel a sense of belonging.

Studies have shown that the environment, or Servicescape, can influence the level of customer dissatisfaction in Shopping Centre.

Music has been observed as a powerful stimulus in shaping retail experiences (Jain and Bagdare, 2011). As a key ambient factor in retail environments, music engages, entertains, energises and creates a pleasurable, memorable experience for the shoppers.

Professor Charles Areni, Executive Dean, Faculty Business (Marketing) University of Wollongong……says shoppers walk in time with the tempo of the music, no matter what’s playing. So in Malls and Shopping Centres, music can be tailored from slow and soft… upbeat. It has been well established that playing familiar happy music has shown to make people shop for longer.