About Us

Direct Radio

Direct Radio is the result of a concept developed in the late 8Os to provide the first exclusive customised in-store radio to all Franklins supermarkets in Sydney, Gosford and Wollongong. The idea was simple, radio marketing and its impact and ability to market to the masses.

Direct Radio’s CEO Dennis Lee (with a career spanning over 30 years in the radio industry) was employed to research and develop a successful marketing format for Franklins supermarkets before the successful launch in late 1989.

Direct Radio is devoted to helping businesses become more accessible to this medium, to influence purchasing decisions, perceived and actual time spent in a location, and overall brand, product, or service perception.

Dennis Lee

Influence Through Sound

Set the mood and atmosphere unique to your business, provide your customer a direct relationship through sound as they shop and make purchases.


Why Direct Radio?

Since those early days big businesses such as NikeZaraColes and Chemist Warehouse now use in-store radio to reinforce their own brand fit music, sales, marketing strategies, in-store promotions, new product release and general store information.

With 80% of purchasing decisions being made in-store, you can increase sales and influence purchasing decisions by using your own brand fit music and commercials.

In addition, playing your own brand fit music will also benefit the staff with 56% of staff saying, playing music in the work place makes them happier and relaxed.