direct radio in store audio

Why Direct Radio?


We offer a tailored solution specific to your targeted audience, business requirements and budget.

Industry Experts

Professional copywriters and voice-over artists, with extensive experience, will bring your business to life.

Service Flexibility

Commercials and advertising can be rotated and changed daily, weekly or monthly to suit your requirements.

Studio Quality

All our audio is recorded at studio quality 320Kbps 44.1 KHz stereo, giving your store clean, crisp sound.

100% Automation

We provide a plug and play solution with 100% automation, from music to commercial playback.

Secured Platform

Your in-store radio is reinforced via secure real-time updates. Providing security against tamper and intrusion.

Music Licensing

We support you, as well as artists, we handle all licensing fees and music royalties from APRA AMCOS to PPCA.

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Song Preference

Choose your company promotions and jingles, maximise customers experience and your brand.

Our professional staff will customise your sales and marketing strategies, in-store promotions and new products with a 12 hour turn around.

Visitors To Customers

Direct Radio specialises in creating the perfect environment to turn visitors into paying customers by bringing your brand to life through sound. 

We provide seamless integration into existing in-store audio systems giving you the ability to pick and choose what your customers hear. 

In-store music and messaging sets the mood for your customers to stay longer and to hear of any marketing and promotional sales that you currently have on offer, meaning your customers will be more than likely to spend.

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