In-store Messages

Direct Radio Messages

In-store messaging is one of your most powerful tools in marketing. Every second your customers are at your business is an opportunity for success. 

While your customers are browsing through your store, you want them to enjoy the experience, which includes being informed about all the promotional offers, events, specials, and brand details to help them make decisions. However, you do not want to overwhelm shoppers with visual information. 

Too many large banner ads, written details, and sales signs can create visual clutter, and that can create a sense of disorganisation in your store.

With In-store messaging from Direct Radio we’ll help you design and implement targeted messages suited to your personal field..

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Direct Engagement

Engage with your customers through in-store radio and provide a direct influence on purchases without the need for face-to-face promotions.


Brand Message

You’ve worked hard to create an appealing interior design, and you want to make sure your customers feel relaxed while they browse your products. 

Although some written in-store messaging is important, overhead messaging is also a great tool. Your customers can listen to a soothing or passionate voice briefly describe upcoming specials or events, which can keep them focused on your brand.

Many businesses have used in-store overhead messaging to engage their customers for years including storefronts, grocery stores, gyms, salons, and retail outlets.

At Direct Radio we tailor all messaging as part of your overall experiential marketing plan. We create messaging that focuses on your customer demographic, so they can feel like you speak to them directly.

Direct Radio Marketing

Let’s make the most of every moment your customers are in your store with messages that include:

  • Customer welcome
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Information on special offers and pricing
  • Invitations for customers to use your social media
  • Integration with brand-fit music to create your own branded radio station

Direct radio marketing takes your message to the front centre stage and increases the chances of consumers converting from observers to paying customers.

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Customer Engagement

In-store messaging, both written and spoken, is important for engaging customers, but you should be savvy about how much of every type of in-store messaging you use at any time. Generally, people browsing in stores will remember:

of what they read
0 %
of what they hear
0 %
of what they see
0 %
of what they see and hear
0 %

A key finding by Shop! * backed up the above information and showed that 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions are made in the store.

Merchant Studies

The results show how the mass merchant shopper plans shopping trips, navigates through stores, makes purchase decisions, and what role in-store media plays. 

For instance, 34% of retail shoppers do not make any kind of shopping list, compared to 13% of grocery shoppers. This contributes to the 62% of mass retail shoppers who report no use of media, mail, newspapers, circulars, coupons, TV ads, or information from electronics sources to plan their trip. As such, it is no surprise 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions are made in store. 

This new insight suggests the importance that strategic and persuasive in-store displays can have on shoppers’ purchasing choices. In-store messaging has a huge untapped potential to drive unplanned purchases in-store!

Point of Purchase Advertising International – findings in their 2014 Mass Merchant Study

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