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In-Store Retail Radio for Business

Welcome to Direct Radio, home to one of Australia’s leading in-store radio marketing and music providers.

Direct Radio is a boutique personalised radio company, dedicated to creating a customer-friendly atmosphere in your store/s. 

We help keep your customers engaged and up to date at all times, whilst they shop, ensuring all your in-store promotions and marketing is heard.

Get in touch with one of our specialists today and see how we can help get your sales moving.

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Our Clients

Direct Radio partners with clients big and small, from sole traders to chained retail outlets.
To better understand how we can better help your business, get in touch.

Cafés and Restaurants

Retail Outlets

Salons and Clinics

Service Station

Shopping Centres

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Radio Marketing

From Window Shoppers To Paying Customers

We offer a premium service, that enables you to directly influence your customers through music and marketing to convert them from observers to paying customers. We aid customers in making purchases through store promotions and offering messages whilst keeping them entertained and staying for longer.

We are committed to improving your customer’s retail experience to give you a competitive edge and reinforce your brands with brand-fit music. 

We’ll work with you to create a thoughtful playlist with the right consideration of your target demographics, age groups, income levels, and music preferences.

In-store Radio

In-store radio has been observed to be one of the main potential influencing factors of in-store purchases. Starting from as low as $2 a day customers have seen a dramatic increase in customer spending with customers staying longer and returning more often.

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To what they hear
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Customers stay longer
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With poor music
Customers leave
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From $2 a day
Increase in ROI
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