Why Direct Radio?

Direct Radio is the result of a concept developed in the late 8O's to provide the first exclusive customised in-store radio to all Franklins supermarkets in Sydney, Gosford and Wollongong.

Direct Radio's CEO Dennis Lee (with a career spanning over 30 years in the Radio Industry) was employed to research and develop a successful format for Franklins supermarkets before the successful launch in late 1989. Dennis continued to be the voice and program director for the next five years.

Since those early days big businesses such as Nike, Zara, Coles and Chemist Warehouse now use in-store radio to reinforce their own Brand Fit music, sales and marketing strategies, in store promotions, new products and general information.

With 80% of purchasing decisions being made in-store, you can increase sales and influence additional purchasing decisions by using your own Brand fit music and commercials. 

In addition, playing your own Brand Fit music will also benefit the staff with 56% of staff saying, playing music in the work place makes them happier and more relaxed. This will create a purchase friendly atmosphere for both the customer and staff.


Why Direct Radio?

  • Customisation

    We offer tailored solutions specific to your target audience, business needs and budget.

  • Industry Experts

    Copywriters and voice-over professionals, with extensive radio experience, will bring your retail environment to life.

  • Service Flexibility

    Commercials can be changed daily, weekly or monthly to suit your requirements.

Studio Quality Sound

With perfect sound comes an enhanced overall store atmosphere and customer experience. All our audio is at studio quality 320Kbps 44.1 KHz Stereo giving your customers the experience and satisfaction they deserve.

100% Automation

No CDs required, giving your staff piece of mind.

Secure, Real-time Updates

Your customised message is reinforced via secure real-time updates. Our professional staff will customise your sales and marketing strategies, in-store promotions and new products with a 12 hour turn around.

Music Licensing

From APRA AMCOS to PPCA - we handle all licensing fees and music royalties.

Song Preference

Choose your company promotions and jingles and maximise customers visit time by providing a fun friendly atmosphere, all while we reinforce your brand awareness.